The Brazilian artist Papa Ricky (Ricky Magia) presents his new musical work in conjunction with Junior Mendes. The new record reflects 25 years of musical experience breaking through nationality barriers and opening universal questions on social, racial and ecological issues. Inspired and influenced by the music of Bob Marley and James Brown, Papa Ricky recorded for the first time in 1984 with the reggae Band Guine Bissau in studio 57 in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro.

In 1985 Papa Ricky reunited with his cousin Pedrin Gomes during a show of their aunty Elza Soares in a Black Beauty contest party organized by Ylé Ayé in the city of Salvador. The idea of creating a reggae band is born. Back in Rio they form the band baptized as Mera Coincidencia and together with another 21 bands they actively take part in one of the most significant movement for reggae in Rio, the project Reggae Nec with its head quarters in the old student union building. In 1987 the band changes its name to Central Africana and becomes the first Brazilian reggae band to sign a contract with a multinational record company RCA/Victor (BMG) under guidance of Maria Juca and produced by Michael Sullivan and co-produced by Junior Mendes.

The first record was released in 1988 celebrating 100 years of abolition of slavery in Brazil and it features Martinho da Vila in the track Ago and Sandra de Sa in the track Sou Negro Sim which later became a slogan for the black movement in the country and later was recorded by the singer from São Paulo Eliana de Lima. The record caused a lot of polemic as one of its tracks “Erva Santa” (Holy Herbs) was censored and its public execution was forbidden during the president Jose Sarney’s office. In the same year they took part in the film discussed ecology (Eu Quero Saber by Michael Sullivan and Anna Penedo).

In 1989 the band split up and Papa Ricky went searching for musical renewal by substituting the lead vocal of the band Obina Shock and travelling doing shows during the success of the track Vida (recorded with Gilberto Gil and Gal Costa). In 1992 the group “Central” is invited by producer Gutti de Carvalho to record in BMG’s studios. In 1993 Papa Ricky decides to move to France and months later decides to meet his artist/film maker friend Cristiana de Mello in London, where he lived and developed his artistic processes. During his time in London Papa Ricky toured with the band made in Brazil. Papa Ricky has a significant body of work with his compositions have being played by Ara Ketu, Banda Reflexus, Gente Brasileira, Banda Mel, Davi Moraes, Renata Arruda , SNZ, Mariska, Beats & Styles and others…

In 1994 Papa Ricky met the producer Ted Rockford and 1995 they record some tracks together and Ricky started to feel like go back to Brazil. In 1996 Papa Ricky returns to Brazil to once again reunite his original band under the new name of Central do Brazil (Papa Ricky, Pedrin Gomes and Tom Guimaraes). Together with producer Gel Benjamin they sign a contract with Warner/Eastwest/Divisao Continental, releasing a new record in 1998 and receiving a golden record from Dj Robson Vidal (as “best bands of the year award”). In 1998 Papa Ricky travels to New York and works with Tuta Aquino in the studio Soundstrack in Broadway. In 1999 Papa Ricky returns to London to tour with Made in Brazil. In 2000 he decides to dedicate to composing and spiritual development. In 2001 he goes to Switzerland to work as a mentor to 3 reggae bands.

In 2002 he gets together with finish violinist and starts to work as a producer to record labels in Scandinavia from where he has produced new talents ever since with his producer partner Hicham Raddah. In 2002 Papa Ricky participates in two tracks from Hip hop artist Mariska and in the following year he also participates in one track in the new record by the same artist. Both records were released by Warner. In the same year he records with the group Beats and Styles released by Sony music and he starts the club Soul Nite Fever (RnB, Hip Hop, Dance Hall), Cuba Libre (Salsa) and Conscious Party (Reggae Music) in the club Wave creating a new space in the market.

In 2004 Papa Ricky meets with Junior Mendes and decides to move to Brazil to record a solo album translating his trajectory and dealing with a Global human common denominator through his art and music. The record features conscious tracks which guarantees to be a success such as SOS, Paz Entre Os Homens (Peace Among Men), Desfruta e Trabalhador and featuring collaborations with Jean Pierre (Obina Shock), e Davi Moraes. A style that Papa Ricky baptizes as “New Roots”. From 2005 until 2006 Papa Ricky prouduced and released some singles. Still in 2006 Papa Ricky was invited to feat one track produced by DJ Batuta from Furacao 2000 Funk Carioca Sound System. This combination was great idea and the track “Rebola Nenem” hit the Radios and clubs in Rio de Janeiro.

From 2007 to 2008 Papa Ricky has been touring and performing in Europe. Also In 2008 spent 8 weeks in the studio developinga tribute to Bob Marley. This project calls Bossa Marley and has confirmed gigs for autumn 2010. 2009 Papa Ricky spent most of the time perfoming live. 2010 he has been also working in the studio on his new album to be release in 2011. Papa Ricky will also release wrote a book calls Rasta Vision 2011. This is a book for who wants to search a little more about Rasta philosophy. IRIE!
2012 Papa Rick collaborated with the jamaican dancehall artist Sugar Brown, where he produced her albun and produced and directed the music video “Sugar Honey”. Still in the same year Papa Ricky produced few singles for another jamaican artist Sherine Brom.
But Papa Ricky could not get enough and started a new collaboration with another Jamaican artist, this time Majah Bless jamaican reggae star. They are still working together right now and planing to peform together in 2014.
2013 another collaboration with another jamaican artist DJM 95 (rapper) it was 8 singles to be released in 2014. But in the end of 2013 Papa Ricky stated a new collaboration with anoter international artist this time a cuban artist / dj Nigeria MC and they are still at the studio producing few singles to be released in 2014.
So now in 2014 Papa Ricky is back to the studios but this time with his band to produce his new show with tour. Europe, Africa , Jamaica, USA, Canada.